Interview for Galleries and Curators


List four hashtags which best describe the gallery you curate or administer plus your handle on Instagram. If you are not on Instagram then add an additional hashtag.


Submit up to five images which best represent your gallery. Include the artist’s names and specs on the works.
Submit up to three images of the installation of your gallery. Include the names of the artists in the installation view.


Add a short narrative bio written in third person.


Please answer as many of these questions you feel best work for your gallery/curation. Also please answer a fun question. It usually leads to a great closing.

  • How has social media come into play with your gallery and sales?

  • Do you sell online or have virtual shows?

  • What role do you feel your gallery/curation has in society or where you live?

  • What background do you have in curating?

  • How long have you been in this business?

  • What is your ultimate goal for your curating?

  • Do you ever venture out of your mainstream when it comes to shows or curating? 

  • Which artists are represented in your gallery?

  • Who is your art crush?

  • Who is an artist you let get away and now are unable to show?

  • How many works are shown at once in your venue?

  • How many times have you had a sold-out show?

  • Do you participate in fair or pop-up shows?

  • How do you choose which artists to represent or show?

  • Which artist do you dream of showing someday?

  • Which was the artwork or artist which started your curatorial? Tell us more about it.

  • Who was your teacher or mentor?

  • Which artwork in history has inspired you the most?

  • How or where do you seek out opportunities to show your artists?

  • How do you cultivate your curatorial?

  • How do you navigate the art world?

  • Do you have a price range you stay within when showing?

  • What current trends are you following and why?

  • Have you ever lost interest in your career choice?

  • Do you sell at auctions? If so, has anything major happened to those works?

  • Have you ever curated a show for a public collection administration?

  • Have you ever been disappointed by an artist? If so please tell us a story as to what happened without naming names.

  • Do you collect art yourself? If so who?