Interview for Artists


List three hashtags which best describe your work plus your handle on Instagram. If you are not on Instagram then add an additional hashtag.


Send up to three new images of yourself in your studio or working area. We would prefer images which have not been seen before so we may use on Instagram to generate interest in your interview.

Send up five new images of works you have completed recently. Please make sure you are not compromising any upcoming calls or shows


Add a short narrative bio written in third person. Please note that this is not a request for an artist statement and you should leave all mention except for stating what your field is in out of the bio. For example if you are a figurative artist then say and include where you were born, where you live now, where you went to school and any shows, awards or collections you are in.


  • List shows you are participating in this year.

  • List collections your work is in.

  • List your favorite social media link.

  • List where someone may buy your artwork online.


If you would like for us to list any of your available artworks to buy on this website, please let us know.


Answer from 5 to 10 of these questions making sure to keep the answer with the question. In other words do not send just your answers. Please do not answer more than 10. Try to answer questions which you feel would describe your career and artwork best. Also answer a fun question. It usually leads to a great closing.

  • How has social media come into play with your artwork?

  • What role does your art have in society?

  • What concept or narrative is behind your work?

  • What is your background?

  • How true are you to your artist statement? 

  • How much time does it take to create an artwork? 

  • What is your ultimate goal for your artwork?

  • Do you ever venture out of your creative process to try out new things? 

  • Which other artists have you shown with? 

  • Who is your art crush?

  • How many works have you sold recently? 

  • What inspires you?

  • Explain your process.

  • What do you dream?

  • Which was your breakthrough piece? Tell us more about it.

  • How do you work?

  • What artwork in history has inspired you the most?

  • How have you developed your career?

  • How or where do you seek out opportunities?

  • How do you cultivate a collector base?

  • How do you navigate the art world?

  • How many times a year do you submit work to a call?

  • Do you apply for grants?

  • How do you price your work?

  • What current trends are you following and why?


We are working on a print magazine for Hashtag Art and will be selecting artists from the artists we have published online to feature. We will contact artists about that when we go into production for additional materials and higher resolution images.