Original & Limited Edition Postcards

We are looking to offer original and limited edition postcards through our shop at Hashtag Art Magazine.

The postcards should be between 4x6 inches to 5x7 maximum. Although we will have collectables at various sizes available as well. All standard sized postcards will sell for the same pricing.

The idea is to offer our collectors a chance to check out your work before they invest in a larger and more expensive artwork.

Standard Pricing

Original Postcards - Any medium $75 each and mailed in an envelope without frames.
Limited Edition - $50 for a set of four signed and numbered.
Single Editions - $15 signed and number.

To be considered for this ongoing project use this form. We will only contact you if we accept your work. Please note that there is a transaction fee per sale of 3%. We are currently not accepting any commissions from the sales while we launch the program. After our testing of this option is done we will commence charging 10% commission. We have limited slots open while we are in beta.

Submission Form

Name *
Copy a shareable link from Dropbox which contains the images of the postcards making sure each image is titled like this: Your Name_Title of Artwork_Medium_Size_Year. Also include in the Dropbox your CV.

Recycled Art Submission Call


We are making an effort to save the planet with art by placing a call for artwork made from recycled materials. The works should be made in some way from a recycled object. For example artwork painted on magazine paper or other printed materials like phone books or postcards, metal objects, old photos, broken plates and glass, old jeans used as canvas, recycled paper, old maps, bags made from plastic bags, plastic used as a surface, etc. The artworks should also save the new collectors wallet and wall space.


Any medium works including collages. See notes above about surface.

How To Submit

This call is open to members and subscribers at the $5 tier or higher or use the submission button below if you are not a member. Prepare your images per our guidelines. Head over to your universal form to submit via your prefered platform. Make sure to have a CV ready to upload. Make sure your images are titled correctly and include in the form text area what recycled materials were used.

Virtual Exhibition & Bidding

The artwork created for this call will be exhibited online on this website (Hashtag Art Magazine). The value of the artwork should be less than $1000 including shipping worldwide. The storefront will serve the purpose of a “buy now” or social media bidding through Instagram. The artworks will be available online to buy for one week timeframe after they go up on the storefront. Artists are responsible to ship the artwork to the new buyer.

We will keep 10% of any sales which will go towards our continued support of artists and making future opportunities available. Artists will be sent a PayPal payment based on 90% of the sold price. This includes works which sold as a “buy now” or the final price sold through a bid on Instagram.

Time Frame and Deadlines

Submit your entries by November 1st, 2019. This call is being curated by Didi Menendez. All entries will be sent a notification of acceptance or rejection. Although most entries will be accepted based on this call there could be some works which simply do not fit our aesthetics for Hashtag Art Magazine. Rejections are not a reflection if your work is good or bad. It may simply not be a good fit for what we are looking to showcase.

The artworks will be up ready to sell by Black Friday. That is the Friday after Thanksgiving which this year falls on November 29, 2019. The works will be up until December 6th which is the First Friday of the month. Bidding closes at 7 PM EST.

Artworks which are purchased as “buy now” will be taken down from Instagram from bidding. If you have any questions please leave them on your platform or email Didi Menendez directly.

Collage made from original artwork and then glued on an ad by Margaret Howell then pasted on an 11x14 paper and painted past the original ad by Didi Menendez (private collection).

Collage made from original artwork and then glued on an ad by Margaret Howell then pasted on an 11x14 paper and painted past the original ad by Didi Menendez (private collection).