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Dagmar Evelyn Cyrulla is an Australian contemporary artist. Her work is about relationships, especially those from a woman’s perspective. In 2017, her painting, 'I Am' was 'Highly Commended' in the Doug Moran portrait prize. In 2017 her work 'The phone call IV' won the Manning regional gallery "Naked and Nude" art prize. Cyrulla's work revolves around human relatedness. In October 2018 she exhibited at Wagner Contemporary Gallery in Sydney. Cyrulla's works are held in numerous public collections including, Warrnambool, Bathurst, Horsham & Ballarat regional galleries. The Australian newspaper described her work as "Recognised for producing works of stirring psychological intensity, Cyrulla has brought a new dimension to contemporary Australian art".




What concept or narrative is behind your work?

My work is about feelings, based on how we relate to one another. My aim is to engage the viewer in the same thought process as mine, so as to open an opportunity to self questioning. My paintings are stories which hopefully reflect my love of people. The life experiences I use to develop my work include; Father and daughter relationships, power relationships, relationships to parents, being and having a role model, sibling rivalry etc.  I have clarity with each artwork in regard to the ideas I am exploring, however  it is more important for me to be engaged emotionally with each work.  I play with colour and light to help create the mood that I want the viewer to experience.

Everything to everyone  | oil on linen | 122 x 91cm

Everything to everyone | oil on linen | 122 x 91cm

What is the price range of your art?

My prices range from $1200 to $22,000

How much time does it take you to create an artwork?

I always find that an interesting question. Isn’t there a famous quote where the artist says “A lifetime”. I have a lot of failed works so these and others can take months, some can be revisited when I can see and feel things from a fresh perspective again. Some works have just fallen off the brush. So I could make them in a day. It really depends on their size and the energy I have at the time. 

What is your ultimate goal for your artwork?

To have the people who see my work revisit it, ask questions and engag with it in a way which brings their own stories and perspective on life to the narrative. My aim is to have my work Nationally and internationally recognized so I may inspire people.

Ode to Frida , 2017 oil on linen 38 × 40 in 96.5 × 101.6 cm |   AVAILABLE FROM THE ZHOU B ART CENTER

Ode to Frida, 2017 oil on linen 38 × 40 in 96.5 × 101.6 cm | AVAILABLE FROM THE ZHOU B ART CENTER

Do you ever venture out of your creative process to try out new things

I don’t really have a creative process. I have ideas that I need to get down onto canvas and paper or through a sculpture. I try new things to help me say the things I want to. With regard to process, I note down all the colour palettes I use for almost every artwork. But I don’t have a hard and fast formula

What is your education? Exhibition history? What awards have you won, and what collections are your works in? 

I have a masters in Fine Art by Research from Monash University. I have been exhibiting professionally since 2003. I have won the Williamstown contemporary Art Prize, the Naked and Nude and was Highly commended for the richest portrait prize in Australia The Doug Moran. l am in the  following collections: 

Cowra Regional Gallery
Warrnambool Regional Art Gallery VIC
Bathurst Regional Gallery NSW
Castlemaine Regional Art Gallery VIC
Horsham Regional Gallery VIC
Ballarat Regional Gallery VIC
Chicago Printmakers Collective
London Print Workshop
Muswellbrook Regional Art Gallery NSW
Print Council of Australia
Pratt Group Holdings
Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery VIC
Tweed River Regional Art Gallery
Oakhill College NSW

Another Day (After Fischl)  | charcoal and acrylic on paper | 159x187 cm

Another Day (After Fischl) | charcoal and acrylic on paper | 159x187 cm

What inspires you?

People and life.

What do you dream?

I have new dreams all the time. I believe you should dream big. So I dream of a show in London, being hung at the National Portrait Gallery in London and showing in Paris and having a show with Liu Xiaodong in the next two years. I want to use the success to be an influencer in the art world.