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Contemporary artist Sarah Stieber’s style of Electric Realism is a stunning amplification of real life, using a bejeweled palette of brilliant hues and evocative energy to explore a spirited reality. A spectacle of saturated colors, her paintings are a kaleidoscope to her world of wishful seeing, magnifying the human experience with dazzling color too often hidden in plain sight.

Stieber created the centerpiece paintings for Courtyard Marriott San Diego and Springhill Suites by Marriott in Oceanside. Her artwork was spotlighted at the “San Diego Dreaming” exhibition at the Oceanside Museum of Art and she was featured during Art Basel at Spectrum Miami in 2017, 2016, and 2014.  Stieber was awarded “Best in Show” at La Jolla Art Festival, and was the featured artist of Art walk San Diego 2016.  Publications include a “One on One” with the San Diego Union Tribune and front cover features in the San Diego Downtown News, San Diego Uptown News, San Diego Daily Transcript, San Diego CityBeat, San Diego Reader, and Bogamia Art And Fashion Magazine, Miami.  Stieber has appeared with her paintings on the CW6, Fox5, and NBC news.

Shows 2019 

Artwalk Little Italy San Diego April 28-29

Stieber Summer Gallery June 10 - July 1st

Threesome at 19 Karen in Australia November 30th


What is the price range of your art?

My work ranges from $2,400 for a 24” x 18” painting to 17,000 for an 8-footer

Are you represented by a gallery?

Nope! I consider myself an entrepreneurial artist and most of my sales come from my own marketing and collector base.

What is your ultimate goal for your artwork?

I want my artwork to make people feel their own power and to inspire people to live their most self-aware, fully-expressed, and authentic lives.

Do you ever venture out of your creative process to try out new things?

Totally! I just started a 25’ mural for the first time, and I’ve also recently begun to collaborate with a film collective based in Los Angeles on an exciting new feminist multi-media project.

How many works have you sold recently?

In the past couple of months I’ve sold 8 paintings

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by strong women, psychology, entrepreneurs, shiny things, fashion, my yoga practice, rainbows, conversations, dreams, and travel.

Explain your process.

I produce a very elaborate photo-shoot process as reference material for my paintings. I source my models, build props, and sometimes collaborate with photographers and stylists to stage a scene as close to my vision for my painting as possible. Once I have my reference(s), the process is straight-up paint on canvas. I don’t project, trace, or sketch for the initial stages of the painting. I like to cover the entire canvas with large blocks of color as quickly as possible, and then I build up the layers democratically and “draw” with paint as I build the image. I paint directly rather than glazing, so each color I put down is the same opaque color I mixed on my palate.

Which was your breakthrough piece? Tell us more about it.

When I was 20 and studying abroad in Venice Italy I created a closed off dark studio space. I shone colored lights on a model and I let my eyes adjust to the new color-scape and I tried to paint an entire painting before leaving the alternate-color-reality. When I left the space the colors in the painting shined BRIGHT! I had created an image that looked electric. This was the first time I achieved what I had always wanted to with color. Technically, the image looked vibrant, somewhat synthetic, yet very realistic, and conceptually I loved the way the image mirrored the figure’s psychological state as if something crazy were “shining” on the figure. I named that breakthrough painting “Electric Nude” and I’ve called my style “Electric Realism” ever since.